Why Donate a Car to Charity

Many people opt to donate a car to charity for various reasons. These reasons are very valuable to all parties involved in any way you can imagine. The principle behind it is the happiness that you get in giving is even multiplied many times by the benefits that you will soon be reaping.

Here are the 3 top reasons why you should donate a car to charity now.

Understanding Tax Benefits

Donating your old cars to charity not only means that you make the less fortunate happy by helping them with their daily needs. If you will just analyse how car donation works and your tax obligations, you will surely be happier or even luckier to know that you have the opportunity here to get great amount of tax deductions in return.

The amount you can get depends on the vehicle’s make and model and its condition upon the donation process. Car donations that are at least $1000 worth are automatically accepted without any question. If you are not sure about the actual cost of your vehicle, you need to understand the IRS rules regarding car donation policies.

You also need to get a concerned professional or a third party appraiser to get your vehicle’s worth in relation to its current condition. No matter how much worth your automobile donation is, you can be sure that you will get tax reductions in return upon presenting proper documents involved in the charity donation.

Donating to Charity is Easier than Selling

Selling your old car that has been in your garage for long requires more time and effort than finding a charity to donate it. For instance, you need to consider the transportation costs necessary for your vehicle to keep it running for the sake of selling it.

Another thing is that finding a buyer that will surely buy your almost junked car will take some time. Compared to giving your car to charity, the process is easier and even faster with more benefits for your good deed in return.

Changing Lives

If the car you wish to donate is still up and running, you can change lives for the better. Charities can use the car for their own functions. They also have the option to give your donated vehicles to families who need it for employment purposes.

The benefits are almost endless. Car donation can be used as a nice substitute for that cash you need to pay or give to certain recipients. Finding a reputable charity for your car donation plan is not difficult at all.