The Greatness Path of Mazda 767B


What do you know about Mazda 767B? A prototype racing car that built for “24 Hours of Le Mans”? Well, almost, guys. 767B is upgraded level of 767—Grand Touring Prototype (GTP)—which is initially tested in 24 Hours of Daytona at January 1989, then its 767’s distinct howl heard again at the circuit in Le Mans. As the 3rd-gen, 767B appears with small bodywork and constructed for racing in order to lessen weight and improves aerodynamic. Beneath the hood, 4-rotor 13J-MM rotary engine is roughly produces 630 horsepower.

For you to know there are 3 examples of the 767B: 767-001, 767-002, and 767-003; those become valuable since it leaving the track. So, if you longing this legend, chassis 003’ Mazda 767B for sale went for $1.750 million. With that price, make 767B become the most expensive Japanese automobile. Chassis number 003 is the last 767B which is the winner in Le Mans at 1990. As upgraded level of 767, 767B featured latest side-exhaust system together with reality improvement. At this moment, the remaining Mazda 767B is owned by Mazda North American Operations as the part of Mazda Heritage Collection.

Well, after a long greatness path and as GTP, this 767B stuffed with know, button and switch with specific purpose. No excess, only efficiency and utility—just at the right portion—for goal of speed. The 767B looks so subtle with its carbon fiber chassis. Just from take a glance the bodywork, your mind will say ‘it feels fast’. Sitting in the 767B’s cockpit, unquestionably you’ll bring into the real racing field along with roaring machine. Speaking of the powerful engine, Mazda’s engineers struggles to develop engine for not only great but durable also efficient too. What’s for? 767B is a car for racing purpose, do you remember? The reason of course, it’s to make 767B strong and sturdy enough to dash all-out over 1000km with both limited fuels and pit stops.

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Mazda-767B-appears-with-single-large-exhausted-tip Mazda-767B-artfully-formed-with-carbon-fiber-chassis Mazda-767B-is-upgraded-level-of-767-a-Grand-Touring-Prototype Mazda-767B-has-small-bodywork-and-constructed-for-racing-in-order-to-lessen-weight-and-improves-aerodynamic beneath-the-hood-of-Mazda-767B-is-4-rotor 13J-MM-rotary-engine-roughly-produces-630-horsepower

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