Stunning Facts of 2017 Honda CBR1000RR


If you’re longing for an extraordinary sensation while riding 1000cc sport bikes, then try no other than 2017 Honda CBR1000RR. This sport bike will give you ‘abnormal’ pleasure of handling and controlling such a 1000cc machine. Honda revamps the upcoming Honda CBR1000RR with new dash; it uses a full-color TFT liquid crystal dash, and it automatically adjusts to ambient light. The new Honda CBR1000RR features 3 display modes—Street, Mechanic and Circuit—just choose which one you wanna see.

The Street mode displays riding modes along with the setting for Power, Selectable Engine Brake and Suspension. In the onboard computer shows the calculation of the average fuel economy and fuel consumption, average speed and more. The Mechanic mode displays: gear position, digital tachograph, grip angle, battery voltage and coolant temperature; while the Circuit mode is add a lap times and its number, also the difference from the best lap.

Honda claimed that this 1000cc sport bike will come with two model: the ‘Fireblade’ SP and the limited-edition racing-oriented SP2. 2017 Honda CBR1000RR price itself is under US $20,000 MSRP. The SP is the first inline 4-cylinder engine and comes with 3 rider modes. This bike also supplemented with quick shifter and auto blipper. Meanwhile, the SP2 built with racing platform that forged with aluminum Marchesini, also with larger valves engine. Both of them offer a nice handling and controlling, also complemented with marvelous acceleration and braking.

The frame of new Honda CBR1000RR is aluminum Unit Pro-Link hybrid structure that has thickness adjustment on each section, it saving 100g. And thanks for that, the weight is less about 800g. With that weight loss and combined with 8kW top end power boost, making this CBR1000RR is the sharpest superbike in its 25-year history. And thanks to weight reduction too, the Honda CBR1000RR top speed is now claimed 189bhp at 12,500rpm, with top torque of 81.79ft-lb at 10,500rpm.

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2017-honda-cbr1000rr-features-a-titanium-fuel-tank-that-saves-2-87-pounds 2017-honda-cbr1000rr-redesigned-fairings-for-better-aerodynamic-and-to-reduce-the-weight 2017-honda-cbr1000rr-equipped-with-adjustable-engine-brake-control-and-quick-shifter 2017-honda-cbr1000rr-comes-with-updated-frame-with-thinner-walls-and-chassis-rigidity 2017-honda-cbr1000rr-sp-fireblade-appears-with-coolest-and-full-color-tft-liquid-crystal-dash

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