Exciting Vauxhall Zafira, a Dull-Look MPV with Efficient Energy

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Vauxhall has interesting low-cost MPV in Brits with its Vauxhall Zafira. Apparently, this MPV is not too nice. Even it looks duller rather than its model year. But, it is not totally bad. At least, the interior design of the Zafira is bigger than before. The Vauxhall MPV is seven-seats car with large cabin. It can load 6 passengers with a driver. Moreover, if you want to use this car as cargo, you will have spacious cargo room.

Maybe the weakness of this Vauxhall is the door. There is no sliding door applied in this MPV. It is not like other MPV cars. But, inside the cabin, there is sliding center seat in row. It is new and rare type of seat design. Maybe, simple design of this MPV makes the Vauxhall Zafira price is rather cheap. The price is started from $17,990. Although the price isn’t expensive, the appearance of cabin is not bad for a MPV. The dashboard of this car is simple, but elegant. All covered by black trims.

Meanwhile, for the seats, they use cloth seats. The most interesting of the dashboard is steering wheel. Vauxhall uses adjustable height of steering wheel for the Zafira. Now, we will see under the hood of this Vauxhall. There are some engine options of Zafira edition. The first is 1.6-liter diesel and the second is 2.0-liter diesel. Both are the same powerful in each class. The first engine has 134 bhp, meanwhile the second is 192 bhp.

Using diesel engine makes Vauxhall has more power and efficient energy. Actually, the Vauxhall MPV has 55.4 mpg rating with diesel engine. It is not too far with the rate of petrol fuel in the score of 39.2 mpg. But, this car is eco-friendly with good emission rating. The score of Vauxhall Zafira specs in emission is only 134g/km CO2.

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