Car Donation Tax Deduction

As Washington’s best program for donating car donation tax deduction to charity, no one can help you make the most of your car donation tax deduction like Volunteers of America.
If you want to get the most substantial deduction possible for giving a vehicle to a car donation program you need to understand car donation law, or know someone who does. Be aware that there are clearly defined Internal Revenue Service guidelines you have to follow in order to get a legitimate income car donation tax deduction. We can help you navigate federal tax guidelines and make sure you get the maximum car donation tax deduction. We make certain you get the car donation letters you need – we’ve been doing it for decades. Go ahead and donate car, Washington but make sure you do it the right way.

What is the largest allowable deduction under IRS car donation law?
When it comes to donating a car or truck, be wary of car donation programs that promise you a tax write-off of your car or truck’s full blue-book value. At Volunteers of America Western Washington we’ve had decades of experience accepting donated cars and trucks for charity. We will work with you to get the highest car donation tax deduction possible under IRS guidelines. We also provide the receipt you need to file with your tax return, many times in under a day.

We help you comply with IRS car donation law to get the maximum deduction possible from your car donation.
At Volunteers of America Western Washington we have a thorough knowledge of the federal tax code regarding your charitable donation of a car, truck or boat. We quickly provide you with the official paperwork you need to attach to your federal taxes in order to receive your car donation tax deduction. In most cases your paperwork is in the mail within a day of your donation.

We are an official 501(c)(3) charity, certified by the Internal Revenue Service. If you donate your a car to a charity that isn’t a recognized 501(c)(3) charity, you could lose your write-off.

We also assist you in avoiding the nightmare of having some or part of your car donation tax deduction disallowed. And unlike other charities that accept car donation, Volunteers of America will not offer you anything in return for your donated vehicle. What’s the problem with that? If a charity car donation program gives you with anything of value for donating, IRS car donation law states that you have to subtract its worth from the value of the vehicle you donated. So if you take any goods or services from a charity in return for a donated car or truck and don’t declare it, the IRS could investigate you long after you file your return, deny your write-off and make you pay penalties and interest. At Volunteers of America Western Washington we give you the grateful thanks of the people your donated car will help, but we don’t give you anything that could get you in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service down the road.

We aren’t accountants or tax lawyers, but Volunteers of America Western Washington knows IRS car donation law and we work hard to make sure your donation is compliant with it.