2015 Ford Expedition as Modern Super SUV Minibus

2015 Ford Expedition as Modern Super SUV Minibus

Your first thought in buying car might be considering the exterior outlook style, the 2015 Ford Expedition is new American car product launched this year. The car is designed with new front grille, lower bumper. They are very different from last year Ford Expedition in 2014. For your information, the exterior lights are installed by LED headlight and taillights which could elegant exterior beauty for this 2015 Ford Expedition. In comparison with 2014 Ford Expedition, the lightning system for headlight and taillight is now with more LEDs for the series in 2015. So, you are not too late to make this car as your investment this year because the exterior design of this Ford car is very promising.

2015 Ford Expedition with Aesthetic Interior Equipment

There is some equipment in 2015 Ford Expedition beautifully designed for car customer’s fulfillment. First, the console panel is now with 6-speed automatic with OD and manual transmission. It means that you would be allowed to accelerate you ride in two driving ways. Ones who like using three pedals also could bring this car with top speed in highway. This year Ford Motor Company adds more cosmetic changes especially in the interior units of Ford Expedition. There are two Ford Expedition series which SYNC control panel with MyFord Touch; the two Expedition series are 2015 Ford Expedition Platinum and 2015 Ford Expedition XLT.

Furthermore, 2015 Ford Expedition is designed suitably for urban family because of elegant exterior and sophisticate interior with modern electronic units such as touchscreen control panel, sound system, and DVD player. In addition, the seating capacity for 2015 Ford Expedition is arranged with full-size 8 seats. So, this car seating is very comfortable when you would drive it too far away for few days driving. Then, the power roof system is also added for this 2015 Ford series. So, you could enjoy the sunlight, night sky, and get more fresh air.

Amazing 2015 Ford Expedition for Modern Urban Family

Completing the safe driving of 2015 Ford Expedition, there are three point safety belts at all seating positions. So, you could enjoy driving this loveable SUV mini-bus at every road you passing by. Then, for those having children who want to drive along with them in this Ford Expedition, there is a rear-door child safety locks. So, while your children playing in the car, you could monitor them and lock the rear door safely. At last, what are you waiting for? So, Consider this 2015 Ford Expedition as your modern family SUV mini-bus.

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