2009 Ferrari F430 Spider as the Best Coupe Featured with F1-Racing Technology

2009 Ferrari F430 Spider as the Best Coupe Featured with F1-Racing Technology

According to the latest technology development of super vehicle such as coupe, 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider performance and appearance is still truly amazing to compare with the newest version of some coupes by Ferrari itself. Until now, 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider specs still work perfectly to compete with the latest technology development that built in some super cars manufactured recently.

2009 Ferrari F430 Spider Mechanical Engine
Perhaps, we can still rely on the powerful performance of 4.3 L of V-8 base engine type supported by high performance automatic transmission that built in 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider. However, this engine spec can achieve the top speed up to 490 horsepower and 342 lb-ft for the torque speed.

2009 Ferrari F430 Spider Design and Feature
Generally, all series of F430 Spider appear in coupe shape with two passenger seats and two doors in convertible or standard sedan system. The front driver seat is featured with four-way power for the direction control. The exterior design of this car is totally suitable with 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider price rate which is starting at $228,447 per unit. Since it comes in several series which are manufactured differently, no wonder that we may find each of the 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider cars featured with different detail and material for covering the body shell.

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2009 Ferrari F430 Spider White with Low Bumper and Black Tires 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider with Stylish Round Rear Lamps Design Glossy Black Dashboard in 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider with Red Leather Seats Sporty Glossy Red 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider with Open Roof 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider Exterior Design in Red Color with Sporty Touch Modern Headlights and Hood Design of 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider Golden Tires in Red 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider Exterior Red 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider with Double Intake and  Ferrari Logo on Black Grille 2009 Ferrari F30 Spider Interior Design with Beige Leather Cover in Sporty Touch Stylish Red and Black Color on 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider Car

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